Disclaimer: What you are about to see if you click over to The Right Scoop is indeed “CNN Newsroom,” but the 3 minutes or so brought to you by super blogger Sooper Mexican is well worth viewing. The CNN microphones — and about half of Charleston — had absolutely no problem picking up one heckler’s voice, as she repeatedly asked “Uncle Tom” Don Lemon if he was angry, before stepping between CNN’s two hosts and calling President Obama an Uncle Tom too.

We’re almost surprised Lemon recognizes his own name anymore. A quick trip through the Twitchy archives reveals that has gone by the alias Don ‘Uncle Ruckus’ F*cksh*t Lemon, holding down the jobs of modern day house negro, appalling douche, pompous, pretentious jerk, leader of white people, dangerous talking head and turncoat mofo.

The screaming woman, or Don Lemon?