If Bob Woodward is correct and Hillary Clinton used to (or perhaps still does) hold imaginary conversations with Eleanor Roosevelt, then what’s to stop us from claiming that the spirits of the nation’s founders are begging us to dig them up and turn them over in their graves?

What now? “Hamilton” is riding high on Twitter’s list of trending topics Wednesday night as rumors abound that Treasury Secretary Jack Lew is set to announce that Alexander Hamilton will be joined on the $10 bill by a woman. Why? Because the people demand it, that’s why.

We must have been drunk when we demanded that, because we have no memory of it.

Of course, Rep. Joyce Beatty wanted the $20 bill to feature a woman but will have to settle for the $10 bill. America, ladies and gentlemen.

Pardon us, but would you please refrain from using the sexist phrase “you guys”? We run an evolved site here.

Time for a musical interlude?

For the moment at least, Hamilton remains …

While we’re at it, how about a hashtag campaign to put Michelle Obama on the $100,000 bill?

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‘Why would you target him?’ Treasury Dept. reportedly giving Alexander Hamilton the boot