Chatter about the federal government instituting a ban on trans fats has been making the rounds for a bit, but details of the plan have been announced on NBC Nightly News tonight, bringing the plan into the open.

That’s a good question. New York City’s Board of Health voted in 2006 to ban restaurants from using artificial trans fats and gave them around a year and a half to comply. But the elimination of all trans fats in all foods? Is this part of that “American Food 2.0” initiative we’ve been hearing about?

That conservative group is the National Center for Public Policy Research, whose Jeff Stier alleged that the FDA’s “scary assumptions are based on wobbly models piled on top of wishful thinking and doused with junk science.” Stier added, “If you liked Mayor Bloomberg’s approach to controlling how New Yorkers eat, you are going to love what federal nutrition nannies are planning for the entire U.S. population. The top brass of Bloomberg’s food police are now top health officials in the Obama administration.”

It seems an odd time to try to ban trans-anything.