It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Sandra Fluke, so it’s worth reviewing just how she became a household name — and a state senate candidate, and a featured speaker at the Democratic National Convention, and a nominee for Time Magazine Person of the Year — in the first place. You might say it was her testimony before a Democratic congressional panel on contraception coverage and women’s health, at which she claimed that contraception could cost a law school student more than $3,000.

After a poorly worded insult from Rush Limbaugh made Fluke a national celebrity, she went on to campaign for every liberal cause that crossed her path. Her latest cause: following and street harassment.

Of course — of course — that survey was of women and transgender women, and the cause is more specifically street harassment of women by men. Oddly, the campaign against following is a joint effort of non-profit Hollaback! and the Cornell University School of Industrial and Labor Relations’ Worker Institute, “advancing worker rights and collective representation.” OK then.

The Daily Star in Bangladesh notes that “the media can help change perceptions of gender-based violence, and end the culture of acceptance of such violence and the social stigma attached to the victims.” But the first line of defense is the woman herself.

Here’s a hilarious video for those who still don’t get the gender-based violence that is street harassment.

For more on Fluke’s contribution to the fight against street harassment, follow her on Twitter — just not too closely.