An opinion piece by Michelle Malkin published in Townhall today and in the New York Post makes what should be some shocking allegations, but unfortunately, the idea that a taxpayer-funded government program further sustained by tax-deductible charitable donations could quickly abandon its initial mandate and take a sharp turn to the Left is all too familiar.

Teach for America, for example, was founded in 1989 to place college graduates in low-income neighborhoods on short-term tours of duty. Several graduates of the program, though, seem to move on into anything resembling teaching.

Of course Teach for America supports the personal activism of its alumni, assuming that it does indeed “help kids.”

That’s TFA’s managing director of internal communications. That Malkin, SHE CRAZY suggesting TFA is turning out militant agitators — says the internal communications guy immediately before he publicly encourages agitators DeRay and crew to “be militant.”

But look at the return on that investment!

Take DeRay Mckesson, who was credited by the New York Times Magazine as one of the founders behind “the most formidable American protest movement of the 21st century to date.” When the protests in Ferguson exploded, he was reportedly working in the public school system in Minneapolis; now he travels the country from protest to protest with fellow agitators, as he suggests in this tweet from McKinney, Texas.

One of those familiar faces is Brittany Packnett, the executive director of St. Louis’ Teach For America chapter. She praises TFA for consistently having her back “in her quest for “disruptive change and systemic change.'” How’s the teaching going? Grading can take up a lot of time that could be better spent promoting disruptive change.