Believe it or not, despite the horrific slaughter happening in the summer of 2012, the trial of alleged Aurora, Colo. theater shooting suspect James Holmes is only in its 28th day, and the specter of a mistrial was already in the air as a fourth juror told the judge that three other jurors had been reading social media and discussing the case.

Your wish is granted. Judge Carlos Samour Jr. dismissed three jurors from the trial today, although there are 12 alternates on standby.

One of the jurors had read and discussed with other jurors a since-deleted tweet posted by District Attorney George Brauchler while court was in session.

Another juror had reportedly discussed the case over the phone with her husband, according to the Denver Post. He had read on Facebook that “that idiot’s tweeting,” referring to Brauchler. Asked by the judge why she didn’t bring the conversation to his attention, the juror reportedly explained, “I just really don’t pay that much attention to my husband.”

She and two other jurors were dismissed.

A final piece of advice that we hope none of the jurors sees: