Who better to send into the center of the Baltimore riots over the death of Freddie Gray than Fox News’ calm, cool Geraldo Rivera? As Twitchy reported, Rivera showed up with a camera man shortly before the 10 p.m. curfew was scheduled to kick in and nearly started a fight with a protester he accused of blocking his camera.

Rivera has tweeted before that the Second Amendment, as defined by the NRA (whatever that means), is “stupid,” and as Breitbart reported, wrote a lengthy Facebook post calling the Second Amendment “blind and stupid” for allowing “domestic abusers, mental patients, jerk-offs on the no-fly list, all-around dim bulbs, and now little children” access to weapons.

Tonight, Baltimore Sun reporters Justin Fenton and Kevin Rector tweeted that the bodyguard Fox News had contracted to back up tough guy Rivera has been in jail since May 1 on a gun charge.

According to Rector, security contractor Donald F. Scott was spotted pulling a Glock handgun from his waistband; police then found a loaded Cobra revolver in a second holster on Scott’s waist. Scott, who allegedly told police he’d left his carry permit at home but was found not to be licensed to carry in Maryland, is being held on $350,000 bail on two gun charges.

It sounds like someone at Fox News could stand to take an NRA course on carrying a firearm legally.