“Stop doing law,” was one tweeter’s advice to “New Day” anchor Chris Cuomo recently. “You suck at it.”

Cuomo had beclowned himself in spectacular fashion this May by tweeting that “hate speech” is excluded from First Amendment protection and urging followers not to “just say you love the constitution … read it.”

Cuomo, who obviously believes himself to be a peerless interpreter of the United States Constitution, has now moved on to Islamic law, stepping in to explain sharia on behalf of the Muslim world.

Thank goodness that’s been straightened out. On Thursday, you see, Cuomo had interviewed Pamela Geller, co-founder of the American Freedom Defense Initiative and host of the “Draw Muhammad” contest in Garland, Texas that was attacked by two jihadists with assault rifles. For some reason, Geller is a confounding figure to the media, who more than anyone should consider themselves beneficiaries of free speech; CNN’s Erin Burnett, for example, asked Geller if she didn’t “relish” being the target of Muslim extremists.

As PJ Media reported, Cuomo too took a confrontational stance with Geller:

… the most illuminating — and in Cuomo’s case, pathognomonic — segment of the interview … was when Geller asked Cuomo:

Where are the mainstream Muslims teaching in the mosques against the [Islamic] blasphemy laws, against Islamic law, the Sharia, the jihadist doctrine?

Geller’s query elicited this breathtakingly ignorant though commonly reiterated media falsehood, here asserted by Cuomo with supreme confidence:

Sharia is not mainstream Muslim thought.

The Geller interview has obviously been weighing heavily on Cuomo’s legal mind, since he felt compelled to repeat the assertion today on Twitter, handily tagged as a “quick anti-spin thought.” (Hey Pamela, the Jerk Store called!)

Wow, do we feel stupid. Mainstream sharia sounds great! Does this mean CNN will start showing Muhammad cartoons now?