Believe it or not, we’re still discussing traffic tickets. The New York Times must get credit for breaking the important story of every traffic ticket accumulated by Sen. Marco Rubio and his wife since 1997, but since then, it’s been up to each media outlet to decide how to frame this critical information for the voting public.

MSNBC didn’t have much to add, but political correspondent Kasie Hunt did manage to catch up with Rubio (no easy feat!) in Iowa where she heard from the candidate himself what it’s like to live on the wrong side of the law. “I can tell you, being from Miami, where you drive everywhere, having four tickets in 17 years is not considered bad,” he explained. Expressing further disdain for law and order on America’s roads, Rubio added that automated red light cameras are “a big scam. But that’s another topic for another day.”

Going for the anti-red light camera vote? Risky, but bold as well.

That was the extent of MSNBC’s published interview, but MSNBC’s website also features a handy online poll to measure the nation’s temperature on this latest political scandal.

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