So far today we’ve learned from the New York Times that SEAL Team 6 freed an American hostage in a dramatic rescue and, in the process, killed all his captors; and we’ve learned from Twitter that Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is an authentic biker and flashed his Harley Davidson rewards card at Sen. Joni Ernst’s Roast and Ride event to prove it.

Don’t count out former Texas Gov. Rick Perry, though. He rolled into Boone, Iowa with his bike and retired Navy SEAL and “Lone Survivor” Marcus Luttrell (better known to Jimmy Carter’s grandson as one of Perry’s sweaty “Russian mafia bodyguards”) and Navy SEAL and Medal of Honor recipient Michael E. Thornton.

The Des Moines Register’s Jennifer Jacobs notes that Perry’s Harley was on loan from Taylor Morris, who lost parts of all four limbs while serving with the U.S. Navy in Afghanistan.

It’s on.

Don’t start that biker gang rumble without this guy.

Sounds like somebody’s jealous.