File this post under “S” for speculation, but we wouldn’t be surprised if Pamela Geller wasn’t invited to be a guest on CNN’s “The Lead” today so that Jake Tapper could clean up the mess made by Erin Burnett last night when she asked Geller if she didn’t “relish” being the target of a beheading plot.

It’s important to note that CNN broke the news that Geller was the target of the alleged beheading plot stopped when police shot a suspect in Boston and arrested another man. CNN reported that, according to law enforcement sources, Usaamah Rahim “was originally plotting to behead Pamela Geller” but “decided instead to target the ‘boys in blue,'” because he couldn’t wait that long.

Reuters reported today, though, that police said “it did not seem that Usamaah Abdullah Rahim had developed a specific plan to attack Pamela Geller.”

Tapper took a bit of a beating on Twitter for having Geller on his program.

Tapper tweeted a link to CNN’s web coverage from Wednesday night.

Tapper didn’t have to finish Journalism 101 to explain Geller’s presence on “The Lead.”

If only the two men who pulled up to Geller’s “Draw Muhammad” event in Texas firing assault rifles could appear as guests and clear the stench of hatred from the television studio.