CBS News’ Mark Knoller keeps nightly notes of what leads the evening news, and two of the broadcast networks kicked off their evening news programs with updates on the reported ISIS-inspired terror plot to behead someone, possibly a police officer.

Just previously, CBS’s Charlie Rose had interviewed former CIA director General David Petraeus on the war against ISIS and whether the United States is winning or losing it.

Petraeus advised the positioning of joint terminal attack controllers to direct offensive air support and the embedding of American advisors at the brigade and battalion levels.

Meanwhile, Rep. Mike Turner opined to CNN that the president is discounting the capabilities of ISIS, and the Pentagon is not keeping a “body count” in the conflict.

In the meantime, President Obama turned to his personal @POTUS account to show off something he’d learned from his fun briefing from his science advisor: what the most crowded place in the galaxy looks like.