NBC News actually posted a story this afternoon with the headline, “You Go Girl: Obama Applauds Jenner Bypassing Twitter Record.” While it’s true that Caitlyn Jenner managed to accumulate 1 million Twitter followers in just 4 hours and 3 minutes, breaking the record held by President Obama and his personal @POTUS account, there’s no record of the president “applauding” Jenner’s accomplishment.

Good point. It might seem trivial, but we were keeping an eye on the president’s Twitter accounts yesterday fully expecting him to weigh in on the Caitlyn Jenner phenomenon, and none of his accounts “applauded” Jenner for breaking his record, nor even mentioned it.

A tweet from @BarackObama, run by the group Organizing for Action, did declare, “It takes courage to share your story.” Much more effusive was a tweet by Valerie Jarrett, which was retweeted by @WhiteHouse.

What about @POTUS, the account from which the president himself solicited and personally answered questions on climate change like, “Can JR Smith out shoot Steph Curry and lead the Cavs to a championship?” and “The climate is great, how do you feel about the firing of coach Tom Thibodeau?” There’s no mention there of Jenner at all, let alone “applause.”

It’s a question people have been asking for years: Why has Twitter “verified” @barackobama when the account isn’t run by Barack Obama? Fortunately, Valerie Jarrett was there today to help clear things up.

Obama applauds Jenner bypassing his Twitter record? Spokesman Josh Earnest at today’s press briefing said the president enjoyed holding the record while he did, but that’s far from “applause.”