New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio was talking crime today, and it’s reassuring to hear that New York continues to be an extraordinarily safe city. The good news: crime overall is down an impressive 6.6 percent, although that doesn’t take into account a spike in shootings and homicides.

That does not make it any more acceptable? What?

WABC-TV in New York reported yesterday that the New York Police Department wants to take another look at the controversial Stop and Frisk policy, employed in specific areas when crime is up. There have been 22 more murders in the city this year than at this time last year.

Today is the first-ever National Gun Violence Awareness Day, and the mayor declared that the nation has a gun problem, and New York has a problem with guns flowing in from other states.

Well, we know at least two subway manspreaders have been arrested, so that’s a start on turning things around.