It’s strange how often Beyoncé has been cited on Twitter lately, especially for someone who hasn’t delivered a major address to the press or public.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign jumped on an amateur Instagram photo of Beyoncé at a fundraiser at the home of music producer L.A. Reid that made its way into Marie Claire magazine, asking Twitter followers if they wouldn’t “Bey” on Team Hillary too.

Now it’s Cecile Richards’ turn to assume the support of Beyoncé, by tweeting a couple of seconds from her 2014 performance at the MTV Video Music Awards where the singer, as one tweeter put it, required barely clothed female back-up dancers “to dry hump everything in sight.” It was there that the superstar outed herself as “a 100% no-apologies feminist,” proving that the no-apologies feminists of Planned Parenthood are anything but a “fringe movement.” Partial-birth abortion? Totally mainstream.

Speaking of “no-apologies feminism,” it looks as though Richards, president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America and Planned Parenthood Action Fund, has no plans to correct the record on an out-of-context quote from Gov. Scott Walker pulled from an interview with no-apologies conservative Dana Loesch. As Twitchy reported yesterday, Walker told Loesch that “it’s a cool thing” that he can still carry around ultrasounds of his grown sons on his iPhone. Through a game of telephone started by Right Wing Watch, though, Planned Parenthood managed to glean this:

So abortions are #CoolNotCruel?