If there’s anything reporters at Left-leaning media outlets love more than an interview with the unabashedly conservative Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, it’s an interview with Scott Walker conducted by conservative Dana Loesch. So Politico and other sites might have taken some liberties with their headlines reporting on Loesch’s interview with Walker — and by “liberties,” we mean deliberately pulling a quote out of context to perpetuate the “GOP’s war on women” narrative and feed the Left a false but rhetorically effective talking point.

Take Politico … please.

Even worse was yesterday’s tweet by Right Wing Watch, which really got the ball rolling. If it was meant as clickbait, it certainly succeeded in reeling in a lot of naive and/or unethical people who apparently didn’t bother to read the actual interview and didn’t care that Walker’s words were deliberately taken out of context.

Politico did change its headline, but found itself in the minority.

Those with “the reading comprehension of a dolphin,” writes Loesch, can easily tell that what Walker is saying is “cool” is not mandating ultrasounds, but being able to pull out your iPhone and show friends and family an ultrasound image of your child.

I’ve passed prolife legislation, we defunded Planned Parenthood signed a law that requires an ultrasound, um, which, think about that, the media tried to make that sound like it’s a crazy idea. Most people I talk to, whether they’re prolife or not, I find people all the time will get out their iPhone and show me a picture of their grandkid’s ultrasound and how excited they are. That’s a lovely thing. My sons are 19 and 20, we still have their ultrasound picture, it’s a cool thing out there.