As Twitchy reported earlier, America’s most respected and revered scientist, Bill Nye, was waiting impatiently for the nation’s weather-casters to dare utter the phrase “climate change” in connection with the devastating flooding in Texas. It’s a recurring annoyance for Nye, who also blamed last year’s droughts out West and heavy snowfall in Boston (drawing the mythical Boston Yeti out of hiding) on climate change.

The Rev. Al Sharpton, also a trusted advisor to the president, has posted his question of the day, and it’s a good one: are the floods in Texas the effect of “climate control,” or is God punishing the state for some reason?

Did we mention that Sharpton not only hosts his own cable news show but is often found at the White House, seated with the president’s closest advisors? Behold:


But back to the question at hand: climate control or God?

Please, MSNBC: It would help us a lot to see a televised debate between Bill Nye and Al Sharpton on the climate control vs. God controversy.