In advance of Michelle Obama’s Memorial Day commencement address at Oberlin College in Ohio, Twitchy reviewed the experience of Christina Hoff Sommers, resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, as a speaker at the overwhelmingly liberal campus.

Sommers recalled how she waited backstage with a police escort while two students took the stage to announce the availability of an alternative event in a designated “safe space” for those who felt they might be “triggered” by Sommers’ presentation.

As Red Alert Politics reports, the first lady ironically dedicated a good portion of her address to urging students to leave their safe spaces and seek out what she unfortunately referred to repeatedly as “the noise.” “After four years of thoughtful, respectful discussion and debate here at Oberlin,” she told the graduates, “you might be tempted to just recreate what you had here at Oberlin – to find a community of like-minded folks and work with them on causes you care about, and just tune out all of the noise.”

Progress as a nation, she added, “only happened because folks like all of you left their comfort zones and made their voices heard.”

Even if none of the precious snowflakes takes the advice to heart, perhaps some of Oberlin’s faculty and administrators might not be so eager in the future to make those safe spaces so readily available.