As Twitchy reported yesterday, the Washington Examiner’s Byron York noted something fundamental missing from the first batch of Hillary Clinton’s emails that were dumped on the public, and that something was any expression of concern over the situation in Libya. “Nothing — zero — about those security concerns in that critical last month in Clinton emails released today,” York wrote.

It’s worth remembering what President Obama was up to around that time. He quite famously flew to Las Vegas on Sept. 12, the day after the fatal terrorist attack in Benghazi, for a campaign fundraiser, choosing to skip the day’s intelligence briefing rather than reschedule the trip. In fact, the Washington Post’s Marc Thiessen soon after reported that the president had missed 62 percent of his daily in-person intel briefings in 2011 and 2012.

Certainly Secretary Clinton was picking up the slack, right? Well, another detail gleaned from her emails is that when the president finally was ready to talk Benghazi four days after the attack, Clinton slept through the president’s daily brief.

Give the poor old woman a break. She had probably cried herself to sleep the past three nights over the tragic loss of what’s-his-name.

Now, don’t forget about all of Clinton’s accomplishments as Secretary of State (like these Hillary supporters did).