Very early Wednesday morning, Twitchy reported on a clash between police and demonstrators who had descended on the home of St. Louis prosecutor Jennifer Joyce to protest her decision not to charge the police officer who had shot and killed Vonderrit Myers last October. Though his mother insisted he was carrying a sandwich when he was shot, Myers, who was facing trial on earlier gun charges, tested positive for gunshot residue on his right hand and a gun was found on the scene.

As a part of that post, Twitchy included a photo of one protester’s mace-stained pillow.

Since then, several more photos from what is being called #TuckinTuesday have been posted, showing that protesters had not confined their activities to the sidewalk but rather had placed several “props” on Joyce’s porch and hung a Black Lives Matter “gift bag” on her front door. Photos also show police deploying mace.

The “How do you sleep at night?” pillow has since begun tweeting from its own account, @KWRosePillow.

Those photos of the police spraying mace might look harsh, but for the record, this video of so-called #TuckinTuesday again gives a much better idea of the situation law enforcement found themselves dealing with. [Caution: Explicit language.]

Joyce’s statement reads, in part:

The events at my home last night were far from what could be described as a “peaceful” protest. More than 40 people came to a quiet, residential area at an inappropriate hour of the night, during a time when children were sleeping and families were resting. They pounded on my door and they rang the doorbell over and over again. They brought with them items intended for destruction of property, such as spray paint. They repeatedly screamed extreme profanities.

My actions in this office have not, and will never be guided by public pressure, fear or favor. I understand that, as an elected official, my decisions will not please everyone. I accept that as a part of doing this job. However, my neighbors had nothing to do with this decision and yet their peace and safety were placed at risk last night. I sincerely appreciate the rapid response of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department and their efforts to keep this community safe.