It would be hard to believe that the words “Rolling Stone” didn’t pop up in the Salon offices at some point today. As Twitchy reported, an associate dean of students at the University of Virginia recently filed a multi-million lawsuit against Rolling Stone magazine, which she says attempted to portray her as a villain in its now-debunked story, “A Rape on Campus.”

That lawsuit came just weeks after a Columbia University senior filed suit against the school, alleging that Columbia did nothing to protect his reputation after both school and law enforcement authorities rejected the case of the student who accused him of rape.

Paul Nungesser claims that a website owned by Columbia has presented as fact that he had sexually assaulted onetime friend Emma Sulkowicz, a senior majoring in visual arts who has drawn worldwide publicity to her case via the “Mattress Project,” in which she carries a mattress around campus for college credit as part of her senior thesis.

Sulkowicz insisted she’d bring her mattress to her graduation ceremony, which she did, inspiring this headline and article in Salon.

Salon did indeed change the headline, adding the word “alleged.”

Good question: