There’s good news for veterans visiting Washington, D.C., this Armed Forces Day. Best of all, they’re finding themselves welcome at their own war memorials, rather than having to break through lines of barricades set up by the National Park Service under the direction of the White House’s Office of Management & Budget in 2013.

Second, photos of today’s events show a great turnout to honor veterans, particularly those who were flown to the nation’s capital as part of the Honor Flight program.

Sen. Bob Dole was on hand to welcome fellow World War II veterans.

Twitchy recently reported on the New York Times’ not one but two features on Ivy Ziedrich, the 19-year-old college Democrat who confronted Jeb Bush over “pointless wars where we send young American men to die for the idea of American exceptionalism” and asked him why he was “spouting nationalist rhetoric to get us involved in more wars.”

We’re guessing Ziedrich wasn’t in Washington today, but these Girl Scouts were, holding up signs reading, “Thank You Veterans” and “Thank You for Our Freedom.”

We’ll keep an eye on the White House website for a statement from the president — a statement on Armed Forces Day, that is.

Update: A statement has been added to the White House website; National Security Advisor Susan E. Rice has also made a statement on LGBT rights, and the Office of the Press Secretary has posted a fact sheet entitled, “Promoting and Protecting the Human Rights of LGBT Persons: A United States Government Priority.”