Picasso’s “Women of Algiers (Version O)” made news earlier this week by selling at auction for a record-breaking $179.4 million, and it continued to make news today on the grounds that the “sexually sick minds” at Fox News had censored the painting in the network’s coverage.

Leading the charge was Jerry Saltz, senior art critic for New York magazine.

Saltz’ tweet inspired pieces like, “This Is What Classic Pieces of Art Would Look Like if the Prudes at Fox Had Their Way” in Mother Jones and a brief article at Daily Kos which incorporated an excerpt from the Sydney Morning Herald referencing Twitter’s #freethenipple hashtag campaign.

Unfortunately, Saltz apparently saw some real censorship on Fox 5, New York City’s network affiliate, and attributed the blurring to all conservatives and to the Fox News Network.

Those “sexually sick” conservatives watching the cable news network and not Channel 5 in New York saw nipples aplenty.

To its credit, Mother Jones appended a correction to its piece noting that “it was a Fox affiliate in New York” that had blurred the Picasso and not Fox News. But Ace asks a good question.

While waiting for an answer, we’ll have to settle for Take 2 from Saltz.

* * *


Joining Australia’s Sydney Morning Herald in picking up Saltz’s mistaken tweet is the U.K. Independent, which refers consistently and exclusively to Fox News, apparently unaware of the concept of a network affiliate.

Linking to this example of “Saudi-style censorship” is Mona Eltahawy, who proudly spray-painted over anti-jihad posters in the New York subway, explaining that her actions weren’t censorship but rather “freedom of expression on top of freedom of expression.”