As Twitchy reported yesterday, Fox News anchor Shepard Smith apologized after Fox’s Mike Tobin, reporting from Pennsylvania and W. North avenues in Baltimore, announced that he and his crew had witnessed a young black man being shot in the back by a Baltimore police officer and taken away in an ambulance during Smith’s broadcast. Tobin interviewed others on the scene who witnessed the shooting as well.

Baltimore police quickly tweeted that no one had been shot, which meant little to many protesters still near the scene, many of whom allegedly tossed bricks and water bottles at the officers.

Today, the police released their full report of the incident.

In short, police saw a man they suspected of carrying a gun down the front of his pants. When police were in position, they gave chase and the suspect ran and dropped the firearm, a Ruger Blackhawk .357 handgun, which went off when it hit the sidewalk. No one was hurt, but the suspect, Robert Tucker, was taken to the hospital to be checked out.

Plenty on the ground in Baltimore, including DeRay Mckesson, were ready to believe Tucker was being “disappeared” and might not be heard from again.

He should be easy enough to find now.