Saturday night’s much-hyped Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquaio fight at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas will reportedly go on without coverage from ESPN’s Michelle Beadle and CNN’s Rachel Nichols, both of whom tweeted Saturday that they had been banned from the event by Mayweather’s camp, presumably for covering Mayweather’s history of domestic abuse.

Nichols reposted video of the interview she suspects played a part in her press credentials being pulled.

It looks as though USA Today’s Martin Rogers might be absent from the big fight as well.

Beadle tweeted that HBO was able to have her press credential reinstated — after she had given up and gone home.

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Kelly Swanson, owner of sports marketing and PR firm Swanson Communications, says no one’s been banned.

Swanson’s #Facts hashtag prompted Beadle to append a hashtag of her own.