Covering the full slate of GOP presidential hopefuls as they appeared one after the other at the “first in the nation” Republican Leadership Summit in New Hampshire this week was no easy task, but Mark Halperin, covering the speeches for Bloomberg Politics, had a novel approach: grade each candidate on a report card divided into letter grades for Style, Substance, and Overall.

Take, for example, Donald Trump’s report card.

Individuals are certainly welcome to agree or disagree with the individual grades, but the idea of a B+ for Style and a D+ for Substance averaging out to a B overall?

Style counting over substance? That shouldn’t come as much of a shock, should it? This is politics. As long as he’s consistent, right?

All right, all right. Maybe it’s the fact we’re dealing with Donald Trump that’s so messing with the calculations. Let’s check in on, say, Ted Cruz.


For the curious, here’s the whole mess in one spreadsheet.


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