Media pressure from newly announced presidential candidate Rand Paul has sent DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz to CNN, Fox News and other outlets to argue on behalf of her party that there should be essentially no restrictions on abortion. “Period. End of story.”

Fox News senior political news analyst Brit Hume recommends that his followers visit The Federalist today in order to meet Colorado’s “real abortion extremists.”

Who are these extremists? Reporter David Harsanyi notes that they are Colorado Senate Democrats who oppose a fetal homicide bill introduced this week by Republicans that would enable prosecutors to file murder charges when an unborn baby is killed against the mother’s wishes. The bill was inspired by the recent case in which a seven-month pregnant woman was left for dead after an attacker cut her baby out of her womb. The baby did not survive, but the district attorney could not file murder charges, because the coroner determined the baby was never “alive.”

Harsanyi makes two cogent points. Democrats cannot support the bill because, first, it humanizes the unborn, and second, it would set up “a host of uncomfortable philosophical questions and legal precedents” suggesting that life in the womb is worthy of protection.