It was just a couple of weeks ago that the Associated Press Stylebook was amended to advise that “global warming can be used interchangeably with climate change.” (If neither of those is quite vague and/or alarmist enough for your purposes, there’s always “climate disruption.”)

It’s a bit of a pet peeve of ours, though, when the so-called scientific authorities start throwing around the term “climate denier.” No one who refuses to succumb blindly to global warming hysteria is denying the existence of the climate, or even of climate change. So it’s no surprise to see none other than Vice President Joe Biden announcing the presentation of this year’s Profile in Courage award to a man “who confronted climate deniers.”

Bob Inglis, former Representative from South Carolina, is now executive director of the Energy and Enterprise Initiative and republicEn, “a community of energy optimists and climate realists changing the conversation about climate change.”

Inglis’ story in short, as told by those who selected him for the award, goes as follows:

Former U.S. Congressman Bob Inglis was named the 2015 recipient of the John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award for the political courage he demonstrated when he reversed his previous position on climate change, knowing that by acknowledging the scientific reality of atmospheric warming and calling on the United States to meaningfully address the issue, he was jeopardizing his political career. In June 2010, Inglis lost his re-election due in part to this decision.