Dan Tynan, Yahoo! Tech columnist, asserted last Thursday on Twitter that the GoFundMeCampaign set up to help Memories Pizza in Indiana was set up by the pizzeria’s owners “to wring $200K out of homophobes.”

Those paying attention know of course that the fundraising campaign was kicked off by TheBlaze TV host Dana Loesch and Blaze contributor Lawrence B. Jones III (and they have the Twitter threats to prove it).

So what about Tynan’s very public assertion that the pizzeria owners themselves set up their own fund? He did look into his suspicions on how the money would be allocated.

Once the campaign reached $100,000, Jones says GoFundMe got in touch with him to verify that he and the campaign were genuine. Despite the fact that he created the campaign and is listed as its sole author, Jones says all of the money is going directly to the O’Connors, not to him or anyone else at The Blaze.

GoFundMe declined to verify any of the information provided to Yahoo Tech by Jones. Due to privacy concerns, GoFundMe will only discuss the details of the campaign with the permission of the campaign organizer, says a company spokesperson. When reached by GoFundMe, Jones declined to give his permission.

And why should he, when Tynan’s earlier tweet suggested his bias against the campaign? We’re not supposed to expect Dana Loesch and crew to set up an honest fundraising campaign, but we are supposed to trust a reporter who tweeted that it was a setup to scam homophobes?

Let’s see just how committed “reporter” Dan Tynan is in pursuing his search for the truth.