Since Monday seemed to be jammed with little else but false stories perpetuated by a biased media, we might as well squeeze in one more.

It was just a week ago that Sen. Harry Reid justified to CNN’s Dana Bash his lie on the Senate floor about candidate Mitt Romney’s unpaid taxes, explaining that “Romney didn’t win, did he?”

Has Reid stumbled upon a conscience over the last few days? Jorge Ramos, host of “America with Jorge Ramos” on Fusion TV, is teasing the highlights of an interview conducted today with Sen. Harry Reid that will air tomorrow night.

With/Con @SenatorReid Las Vegas #Univision #ThisisFusion

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OK, frankly we don’t care about the rest of it, but we would like to hear Harry Reid’s latest take on Mitt Romney not paying his taxes for a decade. Apparently he’s sticking by the story; at least, he’s still insisting that, true or not, he heard it from a credible source.

He lied and everybody knows it.