Al Gore really needs to work on a patch for the Internet that tightens up security for liberals. Earlier this week, Twitchy reported how a hacker had taken oven the account of Bureau of Labor Statistics economist Elizabeth Ashack in order to slam red state Christians as Nazi supporters in the wake of Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act. The hacker then deleted the tweet, changed Ashack’s Twitter biography to omit her government employment, and eventually deleted the account entirely.

Today, another liberal account was hacked into, this time for the hacker to issue a robbery threat against Christian-owned Memories Pizza, which is already under assault for stating its moral opposition to catering a gay wedding. At least one “mean tweet” tried to rally a mob to burn down the pizzeria.

The latest hacking victim is a 23-year-old from West Lafayette.

Let’s hear him out.

“Go to hell you stupid bigots. Don’t think you can hold onto that money for long — you don’t deserve this money and we are coming to rob you.” Now that’s mean.

Do robbery threats also count as “market forces”?

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