The idea of Bill Clinton moving back into the White House is terrifying, but what’s this about “Bill for First Lady”? The good folks at Legal Insurrection are having a difficult time themselves deciding whether the campaign and its disturbing videos are “progressive or parody,” and we can’t blame them. Check this out, courtesy of PAC:

Legal Insurrection’s Amy Miller asks, “Is is brilliant? Is it bizarre? Is it both? Did that little girl just say ‘va-jay-jay?” Why yes, she did.

We probably should have warned against watching that one right before bed. Add this next one to that list, thanks to scenes of “Bill” frolicking in the ocean in an American flag bikini.

We’re stumped too. Is a giant bobble-headed Bill Clinton in drag the best image to promote Hillary Clinton as a serious candidate?

Now we’re into nightmares upon nightmares.