We’re not sure for what Salon assistant editor Colin Gorenstein is most famous, but today he’s grabbed his share of the Twitter spotlight for a piece in Salon entitled, “A guy most famous for saying ‘F*** you Michael Moore’ is now marrying Bristol Palin.”

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Bristol Palin’s engagement isn’t breaking news by any means; it was announced last Saturday by Palin’s fiancee, Dakota Meyer, and tweeted by Sarah Palin to her 1.1 million followers. In its subhead, Salon acknowledges that Meyers isn’t just “a guy” who trolled Michael Moore, but also a Medal of Honor recipient. But he’s most famous for this one Facebook post:


And Michael Moore isn’t? No, he’s not.

At least somebody was amused.

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‘So much ‘Merica’: Bristol Palin and Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer announce engagement