Townhall editor and Twitchy favorite Katie Pavlich spoke Tuesday night at Iowa State University on the topic of “Sexual Assault on Campus: A Conservative Perspective.” We’ve heard plenty of liberals give their take on campus sexual assault: some universities officially advise female students to blow a whistle, vomit, fake a disease or just use the buddy system and campus “safe zones” to avoid being raped.

By all means, though, women on campus should not arm themselves, for fear that they might mistakenly “feel” they’re in trouble when they’re actually not and “pop a round at somebody.”

Pavlich says that anti-gun protesters attended her speech, which is no surprise.

All of these purple shirts are somehow making us seriously reconsider a woman’s right to defend herself.

We’re frankly a little shocked to hear that Pavlich, usually an unapologetic advocate of female empowerment, was promoting women’s right to self-defense and “rape culture” at ISU simultaneously.

Yeah, get to the part about warning your rapist you have genital herpes.

Speaking of fiction:

Here’s some good news: Pavlich’s unique mix of “rape culture” and “patriarchy” is catching on.