Funny, we’d thought we’d just watched the entirety of President Obama’s historic #Selma50 speech on Fox News, along with an introductory address by Rep. John Lewis, the march across the Edmund Pettus Bridge and interviews with several other historians and prominent figures in the civil rights movement. The “spring forward” time change must have screwed up our cable box or something.

Armed with screen captures, blogger Johnny Dollar took on the impossible task of trying to cure several tweeters of their Fox News Derangement Syndrome.

Well, after President Obama’s speech, Fox News did conduct a remote interview with Jesse Jackson, who’s kind of a Republican. And for some reason they also put on some “crazy black lady.”

Did anyone catch her name? Alveda King or something. No idea what she has to do with Selma, but that’s Fox News for you.

OK, let’s assume Fox News did devote a couple of seconds to Obama’s speech. At least MSNBC was there to pick up the slack.