What once was mildly amusing is becoming awfully tedious heading into the seventh year of Barack Obama’s presidency. In an exclusive interview with CBS News White House correspondent Bill Plante, the president on Saturday broke his silence on the Hillary Clinton email scandal. Who knows? He might have commented earlier, but he of course heard about it at the same time the rest of the country did: when he saw it on the news, duh.

So his secretary of state declined to set up an official government email address and instead conducted all correspondence though her own secret, private email server that was neither secured nor backed up to official government archives — of course he was “glad” to learn that she wanted the emails made public.

That might have been a clue that something was up. Who knows if Obama ever bothered to check his email if he relied on a quick glance through The Georgetown Dish for his intelligence briefings?

Fox News analyst Monica Crowley isn’t buying any of it.

“So I just say anything I want and you’ll put it on the network news? Cool!”