Yes, they’re back, and not really that much has changed. Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton are in Coral Gables, Fla., this weekend at the University of Miami as part of a three-day Clinton Global Initiative University conference, and where the Clintons go, scandal follows — not that Hillary has ever let that get in her way.

The former secretary of state spoke briefly Saturday afternoon and, not surprisingly, made no mention of all of those government emails she maintained on her own private server, nor of the millions of dollars the Clinton Foundation reportedly accepted from foreign governments while she was serving in the administration.

A data nerd? Chelsea, we might have a job for you at your mom’s home office.

Former President Bill Clinton, a man not at all uncomfortable about letting it all hang out, did address the foundation’s acceptance of foreign donations.

Disclose everything? We’re sure he and Hillary are married, right? Did he even get a cool secret address to use for his private Internet “research”?

That’s … good?

And then this happened.