We’re not sure how effective most petition drives are, but it’s clear the Obama administration was pretty high on them at one point, with the official White House web site hosting a “We the People” petition tool and promising citizens the president himself would respond when a petition hit a certain threshold.

Things quickly got crazy, with people posting petitions to make Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the USA” the new national anthem, deport Piers Morgan, and build a functioning Death Star.

Actress and author Janine Turner, best known from her role on “Northern Exposure,” is not only one of those rare conservative celebrities; she’s also founder of Constituting America, and she and her daughter Juliette have written their own must-read petition to demand that President Obama’s “apocalyptically dangerous” dealings with Iran over its nuclear capabilities be checked by Article II of the Constitution. An excerpt:

President Obama … is banking on the hope that you, and the majority of the American people, do not know the United States Constitution. Apathetic ignorance is the trump card which enables him to slide the Iranian deal into effect without being accountable to anyone.

President Obama’s unilateral attempt to execute the impending “Iranian deal” upon you without approval of the Senate is deplorable and apocalyptically dangerous. Even more stunning is the lack of revolt by the press, the people, and the Congress. Everyone’s focus is on the contents of the deal and the implications of the deal, not on how to stop the deal from being implemented.

Rally for your rights and for the enforcement of Article II, Section II, Clause II – before America’s enemies are at your door step.