Let’s consider something very seriously: even if every Bill and Hillary Clinton scandal — and there are many — doesn’t dissuade you from supporting Clinton for president in 2016, please consider what will be left of the United States after months and months of her campaign speeches. Speaking tonight at EMILY’s List, an organization supporting pro-choice Democratic women running for office, Clinton dropped this cheese ball on the audience.

Once more, please? Even if #GrandmotherKnowsBest, we’re not all grandmothers out here.


Not only do we question Clinton’s grasp of “macro issues” — we doubt she even makes macaroni and cheese. But aside from that, she’s the most qualified person for office ever, according to Rep. Nancy Pelosi.

To be fair, Clinton’s address had some real substance to it, judging by these lines.

Please, Mrs. Clinton: pursue as much knowledge as you can.

Editor’s note: This post was edited to correct a typo in the headline.