We frankly were unaware that there was or will be such a thing as Vox Sentences, but the mysterious news service from Vox.com is getting some play on Twitter Monday. Commentary editor John Podhoretz apparently learned about it today as well.

For some reason the link embedded in that tweet seems to have been deleted, or maybe it’s a link to the Vox Silence beta. The Federalist’s Sean Davis managed to catch the tweet before it disappeared as well, allowing him to give us an exclusive peek at just what Vox Sentences might be.

Sorry, no screen grab that we know of. Now we’re really curious, and that doesn’t happen often where Vox is concerned.

It’s not as though the main Vox site itself isn’t flooded with text, as plenty of room is left for extensive charts, graphs and corrections. So, how excited should we be to make this mystery discovery? And what’s next?

* * *


Hooray, a screencap! Thank you, @ScotsFyre. So, Vox Sentences is “The news, but shorter.”

It’s not even new, not that that changes the fact we’d never heard of it.