Five-time Grammy Award nominee and occasional opening act on Mitt Romney’s 2012 “Binders Full of Women” tour, Kid Rock has a new album out tomorrow, but that’s not what he’s promoting today. Instead, he’s urging fans and followers to check out a new single by the Pete Scobell Band featuring Wynonna Judd.

You’ve likely heard of Wynonna Judd, but if you haven’t heard of Pete Scobell, he’s a nearly 17-year veteran of the Navy who served six deployments as a Navy SEAL and was awarded two Bronze Stars with Valor. If that doesn’t sell you on the single, keep in mind that “Hearts I Leave Behind,” a cover of the Travis Meadows song, is being issued as both a tribute to American Sniper Chris Kyle and a charity fundraiser.

The Chris Kyle Frog Foundation helps returning veterans reconnect with their families and civilian life.

Thanks, Mr. Rock, for spreading the word.