It’s only February, but the “Do you believe Obama loves America?” GOP litmus test, alongside the “Do you believe Obama is a Christian” brouhaha, just might make it through December as the stupidest “controversy” of the year … which likely explains why California Sen. Barbara Boxer thought it was a good idea to jump into the pool and splash around in the stupid.

Reverse-zing! We can at the very least give Boxer credit for addressing her tweet to Rudy Giuliani rather than to presumptive 2016 candidate and current frontrunner Gov. Scott Walker. And while personally tracking down and killing Osama bin Laden was great for national morale, we’re not sure how it squares with the president spending the rest of his term trading hardened Gitmo terrorists for an American deserter.

No, she’s not.

Now can we stop this “Does Obama love America” silliness so the man can concentrate on his nuclear talks with Iran?