As Twitchy reported earlier today, an arrest has been made in the so-called #NAACPBombing case in Colorado Springs, and it looks as though the intended target was not the NAACP but rather a tax preparer’s office.

While the hashtag #NAACPBombing shot to the top of Twitter’s list of trending topics, most media outlets ignored the story, likely because the “bombing” did next to no damage to the building and no one was inside the NAACP office.

MSNBC’s moral crusader Chris Hayes, however, took up the cause almost single-handedly. One big problem: MSNBC’s video report on the bombing included a photo taken outside a vandalized kebab shop near a mosque in France.

In short, this:

firecracker or bomb

Became this:

kebab shop vandalism

Don’t feel bad; it was easy to miss, because you would have had to have watched “All In With Chris Hayes” to have seen it. Twitchy did catch it, and the resulting pressure from social media led Hayes to admit to the error and apologize. In retrospect, MSNBC botched the story completely, but the NAACP likely appreciated the effort to hype the “racially motivated” attack — and no, we’re not OK with that.

It appears Hayes’ apology was enough to make the controversy go away, but rumor has it that Hayes just might be caught up in the MSNBC shakeup that has so far claimed Joy Reid and Ronan Farrow. Maybe then he can dedicate his time to biking state to state to find the real bomber.


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