Rapper and apparent 9/11 truther Macklemore — perhaps better known to most as “the Thrift Shop guy” — is a complicated fellow. One day he can be on stage at the American Music Awards lecturing America on Trayvon Martin and “Stand Your Ground” laws, and another he can be seen on stage dressed as an anti-Semitic Jewish stereotype.

Is joining ISIS Macklemore’s latest “statement”? No, not at all. As the Daily Beast reports, #MacklemoreJoinedISIS quickly shot to the top of Twitter’s trending topics worldwide after a follower added the hashtag to this bogus tweet.

Twitter got to work quickly.

Maybe his twisted sense of social justice will lead Macklemore to approach ISIS for negotiations. We suggest only that he wear his totally inoffensive “witch’s nose” costume when he does.

Macklemore anti-Semitic