Got a question you’d like to ask President Obama? Tweet it to, well, just about anybody, and it will be ignored eventually. If you missed your chance with #YouTubeAsksObama, you might have to practice strategic patience until Tuesday, when BuzzFeed gives you the chance to have your toughest question asked:

So tell us your toughest questions — in whatever form you think that question is best asked. You can leave a comment on this post, email us at [email protected], or send us a photo on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram,Twitter, or Tumblr.

BuzzFeed notes that “Separately, and also exciting, our inspired cousins at BuzzFeed Motion Pictures will be shooting a video with President Obama.” That could work out very well for both BuzzFeed and the White House. Take the Vox conversation with President Obama: professionally shot and enhanced by Vox with dynamic charts, a soundtrack, motion graphics and other special effects, Politico’s Jack Shafer noted that he’d “seen subtler Scientology recruitment films.” And what do you know …

Yes, the White House then links to the slick video that no network or cable outlet could or would bother to produce.