Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who shot forward into 2016 frontrunner status after his speech at the Iowa Freedom Summit, built his image by standing up to state unions and successfully fighting union-led recall efforts. Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner doesn’t appear to have presidential aspirations (yet), but he too is proving that he’s not afraid to take on the public sector unions, signing an executive order banning ‘fair share’ fees.

Ray Long and Monique Garcia report in the Chicago Tribune:

The new Republican governor said more than 6,500 state employees are paying fair share fees in lieu of union dues. Under Rauner’s executive order, that money would be put into a special account until a court decides whether the move is legal. The move is expected to receive vigorous union opposition.

“They call that fair share,” Rauner declared in his Capitol office. “Let me tell you. It’s anything but fair.”

Walker was the subject of death threats after surviving the recall effort against him, perhaps giving Rauner an idea of what to expect.

* * *

Update: Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, and Dan Montgomery, president of the Illinois Federation of Teachers, have weighed in on Rauner’s executive action.

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