The White House had already made it clear that President Obama would not be meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu when he arrives in March to address a joint session of Congress, citing a policy of not meeting with any leaders shortly before their elections and possibly giving the appearance of trying to influence the outcome.

Today it was announced that Vice President Joe Biden, who as president of the United States Senate would normally preside over the joint session, will not be attending.

That could very well be the reason, as far as we know. ABC News reports that Biden’s office confirmed that “he will be ‘traveling abroad,’ but it wouldn’t say why or where.” Frankly, that sounds like the perfect mission for Biden.

It’s likely some Democrats will bail on Netanyahu’s address, especially now that the president and vice president have set the precedent. In the meantime, let’s enjoy again this video from the Democratic National Convention of the crowd booing when an amendment to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is forced back into the Democratic platform on a bogus voice vote.

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