As Twitchy reported, Republican legislators in Colorado this week introduced several bills intended to repeal restrictive gun control legislation passed in 2013, only to have each bill passed by the Senate and blocked by the House along straight party lines.

Today is #ThrowbackThursday on Twitter, and Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) has also decided to pivot back to 2013, joined by other Connecticut politicians to introduce a new effort to ban high-capacity magazines under the #SayNo2MoreAmmo hashtag campaign.

Good to see that Rep. Diana Degette is back on board; she’s had two full years now to learn the difference between a clip, a magazine, and an “assault magazine.”

So what’s the point this time?

It’s like Degette told a senior citizen concerned about a home invasion scenario: “You’d probably be dead anyway.” She’d probably be better off leaving the gun talk to an expert like Blumenthal.

Let’s see who else is jumping back on this train.