Phil Kerpen, syndicated columnist and president of American Commitment, is among the most valuable conservative voices on Twitter. It’s little surprise, then, that PolitiFact would red-flag Kerpen for a fact-check. Curiously, though, PolitiFact chose not to fact-check a column but rather a single tweet from nearly two weeks ago.

Sounds simple enough — either the Senate has already voted on more amendments in 2015 than Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid allowed last year or it hasn’t. After a more than 1,000-word analysis of Kerpen’s tweet based on eight interviews and an excerpt from Politico, writer Katie Sanders reaches PolitiFact’s ruling:

On the numbers, [Kerpen] is right. But experts cautioned us that the claim falls more in the interesting factoid category than a sign of a different or more cooperative Senate leadership.

The statement is accurate but needs clarification and additional information. That meets our definition of Mostly True.

Well, his tweet did lack sufficient “context” to explaining away the GOP’s crazy impression that Reid’s leadership style was “uncooperative and off-the-rails.”