Following the president’s State of the Union address was no easy task, but Sen. Joni Ernst did what she could to connect with her audience, such as relay an anecdote about wearing plastic bread bags over her feet as a child to keep them dry. A great proportion of America found this unspeakably hilarious, sending #breadbags and #breadbagfeet trending.

Just as Sarah Palin is still haunted by the line that she could see Russia from her house (something she never said), bread bag jokes will apparently never get old, or funny. Campus Reform’s Letty Burgin reports that the secretary of Florida’s NOW chapter was spotted last weekend rocking a pair of bread bags over her shoes.

Tammy Bruce notes that since she left NOW two decades ago, “the attractiveness quotient of their members seems to have gone to hell in a handbasket significantly deteriorated.”

… and posed for Vogue.

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